10 August 2008


That's a word people use for me when they find out that I can't have gluten. I don't think so.

One thing that we're not used to is that blackberries here in Washington are now ripening. When we lived in Sewanee, we'd pick wild blackberries on the 4th of July, and make cobbler. It was our one celebratory thing that we'd do for the holiday. On Thursday, we went to Rook's Park and picked a lot of blackberries. Some of these aren't ripe, but they are fine when made into filling.
Here's my pie, before the top is put on. Pie filling is easy: water, corn starch, sugar and fruit. The important part is gluten free, any way. The pie crust had to be put together a bit more carefully.Gluten free pie crusts are fragile. But who cares?

It still looks like a pie. Who cares if it's a jigsaw puzzle?
It looks like blackberry pie ala mode to me. It tasted like it too!


Maggie said...

It's a pobbler. Get it? Pie/cobbler? Ha, I crack myself up. Looks good.
We went to the farmer's market this weekend and I found strawberry/rhubarb jam. Tasted like Nebraska to me. Your pobbler reminds me of NE, too.

Anonymous said...