02 August 2008

What Game Boy Made

Game Boy built a dam in the stream at the house we were staying while we were waiting/unpacking/etc. The dam made a pretty big pool of water, and it ran faster after he did it. He also spent a lot of time clearing weeds from the stream back, too.
Then, we had a lot of boxes. We believe in reduce/reuse/recycle. A lot of the boxes went to a parishioner whose son is moving. The really big ones we let Game Boy have. This is his first construction.
He has a roof and doors, too.
Sadly, the wind blew it over. I think that there will be a new construction later.


LilKnitter said...

Oh, cardboard box construction is such fun! I'm sure he'll have big fun with the rebuild, too!!

Elizabeth said...

The box project eminds me of the boys' box fort in Millions--also the result of a Big Move. And the dam takes me back to my childhood--we built many! Enjoy.

Kate said...

Yes, the plan is to rebuild it better and stronger. Game Boy has requested duct tape. :)

The dam was tinkered with a bit every day. It seems sturdy, since the dogs didn't knock it over.