07 August 2008

An Annoying Predicament

Random picture of Game Boy and the dogs. It has nothing to do with this post.

The farther away you are moving, and the more changes you have to make, the more likely there will be at least one disaster. All of these disasters are things that can be dealt with, but it is pretty annoying/crazy-making all the same.

On June 30, I received a letter from our credit union, telling me that my new debit card PIN was ####. Well, this is odd. Why would they change my PIN without my request?

It turns out that Visa was hacked, and my debit card was one of those stolen, along with its PIN. (It was nothing that I did--just bad luck. For those of you keeping count, mine has been stolen from Visa 3 times now, and The Collar's 2 times. The only time we had any money stolen was once.) Because of this, my debit card had to be cancelled. The Collar's will be cancelled eventually, but not yet.

Yes, the day before our house is being packed up for a cross country move. No access to money at all for me. (I still don't have any access--we have a temporary ATM card for our new local account but no debit cards or checks yet. There's a modest limit on how much you can take from the account, too. Maybe today all the other stuff will come?) Is there any worse time for this to happen? I'll set up online billing as I can.

Of course, since we have had our mail forwarded, these can't be forwarded on. There is also no point to forwarding it, because you must use these debit cards in the credit union's ATMs.

So, here we are, and I still can't just go out and buy groceries. (Well, we're buying them, but it's just enough to get us through a few days.) However, it's nice to have some cash around, because the farmer's market here is just wonderful. I like living close to where the food grows!

I still have about 4 boxes of stuff to deal with. One of them is full of music tapes. We don't have a tape player that works any more. Why'd we bring them along? I have a bunch of things we're going to donate to goodwill or the like. It's amazing what shows up when you pack up a house! Because there's always things on top of cabinets, or in the cabinets that you don't actually use, or...ahem.

Oh, and we still have to figure out how to help Game Boy unpacked. Apparently, he decided to unpack each box partially by dumping things on his floor. His room is, according to the Wiz anyway, a disaster area. It's not that bad. Well, maybe it is...

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elisabeth said...

We've moved our cassette tapes the last couple moves, too. Same as you guys: no tape player. I think we hang on to them for nostalgia: the music we bonded over, the soundtracks to our road trips, etc.