14 August 2008


The house will be unpacked and ready for people to visit. It's been hard, because what is left I can't do alone. Don't blame the Collar though--we've literally been crazy busy since we moved here! We've had festivals to attend, concerts to work, and people to visit every weekend since we moved out here. I'm not complaining (it's nice to be loved!), but it makes it hard for us to finish up. We're at the point of needing to take things to the recycling center and the dump, but it's not happening this weekend. Why, do you ask?

This is why:
Weather for Walla Walla, WA 99362
Wind: N at 0 mph
Humidity: 14%
97°F | 65°F
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Mostly Sunny
103°F | 68°F

Um, yeah. We're going to the movies! (Besides, Game Boy wants to see the new Star Wars movie, so we're going to take him and a friend of his on Saturday afternoon, since we aren't going to have a birthday party this year.)

We are settling into the house. We're working on hanging art work (we have a lot more than I thought). I am sewing curtains for the bedrooms and we're getting those hung up, too. Luckily for the Wiz, I found the same planet fabric so I could sew a third curtain for him. :) As for the Collar and I, we now have three complementary curtains, but no two match. That's what happens when you use fabric brought back from Ethiopia years ago. I like it. I'm also knitting another loop rug for the downstairs bathroom as a bath mat. Game Boy requested one.

The boys are both enrolled in school now. The Wiz should be okay--the plan is to go ahead and start him using the Kentucky IEP. I'll probably get a phone call from the nurse so we can deal with the medical issues. He's doing fine, but he's lost more weight. So we're trying yet another ADHD medication. For those keeping track, that makes 4.

Game Boy is going to middle school. He has signed up for band (he claims he won't sing any more) and wants to play trumpet. He plans on running track and cross country. It will be good for him. I let them copy a lot of the material that the counselor back at the old school unofficially gave me, so he may even be put into the Explorers (gifted education) program from the beginning.

There you have it--an update! It may not be exciting, but it's been keeping me busy. Ciao!

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