25 August 2008

Another room

This time it's the guest room.
There are curtains on the windows, the bed is made, and there are even pictures on the wall. (We could use a few more in there--some how we have more wall space here.)
I want to reassure anyone who is worried they'd freeze to death up here in the far north that we do own blankets. (The winter temps here are similar to the ones central Kentucky.)
We also have a sleeper sofa, so there are places for people to sleep.
Note: This time, my office stuff is not in the room. (Well, except for the bio texts and files, which are neatly stacked in the closet in the boxes in which they were moved here.) We do want to find more artwork because the room is dull. The curtains do help, I think.

Other stuff: School starts tomorrow. Tonight is the Wiz's school bbq/get together, so no brain-shaped meatloaf today. :( We'll have it tomorrow, instead, and I'll report how grossed out Game Boy is again. I met the Wiz's school nurse, and we filled out his medical plan of action. One thing we added is that he's fail-to-thrive (well, he is) and that he will be given high calorie foods in his lunch. (Not that he'll eat them--we put butter on his sandwiches to give them more calories, and he eats the meat or cheese, or he'll skip the sandwich and just eat his fruit and veggies) because the school has a food policy (low-fat, low sugar foods only).

Game Boy now has a lock for his bike (he's going to ride it to school! By himself!) and he's ready to go.

I've made cupcakes for their lunches (I did the math: 1 box cake mix, 1 container of icing makes dessert for just over 2 weeks) for the same as making cookies or buying cereal bars or what have you. They are cooling now.

I've also made buckwheat banana bread for me. I'll let you know how that came out.

Tomorrow's the best day of the year!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to use that bed!


Maggie said...

Oh, time to celebrate! strawberry margaritas at your house!

Karen said...

I do love the first day of school! You feel like the next nine months are full of possibilites for you and the kidlets.

Kate said...

I do love the first day of school. Apparently the boys did too. They both told me they had good days.

I was thinking mimosas would be a nice beverage for this celebration. :)