20 August 2008

Crafty Things

When I'm not trying to figure out where the last few things go or I'm not working on my classes (school starts Monday for me and on Tuesday for the boys), I've been making things.

I made these two dishcloths from leftover yarn from the baby blanket. (By the way, I'm going to knit an ecru border. I think it needs a little subtlety. Ha!!) Dishcloths are nice, because they finish quickly. I knit these on our way to take Game Boy to camp, and on the way home. I especially like the ball band version.I've made a ton of panel curtains for the bedrooms. The Wiz's bedroom and ours have 3 windows each, when before we only had two. Game Boy's room now has 2 windows, and the guest bedroom has 2. Both of these rooms had one window each. They aren't all hung, yet, but maybe this weekend. (Right, because we never have anything to do on the weekends.) This is an example of the curtains I made for the bathroom windows. They are a bit narrow, but the muslin shrunk. Since I wanted to let light into the room, it'll work. Besides, if anyone is looking in our bathroom, they have to be standing in our wickedly thorny rosebushes.I used up more of the yarn from the Wiz's socks I knit him last Christmas. There is still yarn left over. He's not exactly very big, is he?
Finally, I made myself a couple of skirts, using instructions from this book.
Above is a "Breezy Beach Wrap" made from a cotton remnant I found at W*mart. I pretty much completely followed directions on it (no mods). It'll be cute with a little t-shirt.

This one is adapted from "Singing the Blues". First off, I did not add a patch pocket. Then, I didn't use rickrack. (I think that looks silly on adults. If you like, great. It's just not for me.) I also put the drawstring inside rather than on the outside. Last, after I tried on the skirt, I realized the this didn't look right. I added darts to the waistline. Apparently, normal women* don't have a 13" difference between waist and hips. Once I added the darts and re-sewed the waistline, it fit me much better. It's a comfortable skirt and I'll probably wear it pretty often.

What I learned, though, is that I really need to make fitted waist skirts. They are more adaptable, and it's easier to accomodate my curves.

*Actually, this probably explains a lot about why I can't find clothes that fit both my waist and hips.** What is a normal woman, anyway?
**Before you tell me to lose weight/get fit/or whatever, realize that this ratio doesn't change much depending on my size. No matter my size/measurements, nothing really fits me off of the rack.

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