12 March 2009

Embossed Leaves

Another finished object:Pictures in the late afternoon sun in our back yard. It's really nice out there right now. Maybe soon I'll be wearing capri pants and no jacket nice!

Pattern: Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt (from Favorite Socks)
Yarn: Claudia's handpainted sock yarn in Jungle colorway.
Needles: Size 2 US
I mostly knit this as written. I'd never had a twisted rib cuff before, but it was easy and I like it. The socks are a wee bit loose, but that's okay. I did knit the heel flap as written, but then I did the gusset in the usual way. The toe I knit in the usual way too. I like the green quite a lot.

Next up are a few more pairs of fingerless gloves/mittens. I'll have so much time next week, right?


Maggie said...

I love them! I so want a pair of your socks!

Kate said...

We'll talk when we go back east (so weird to say that when we're talking about Kansas!)about socks. I knit a lot of them.