16 March 2009

New Oven

replacing the old oven.

Here it is:

It matches our floor, which is black and white blocks.

It works. See?I made gluten free "Irish soda bread", which is in quotes, because while it is a bready substance and it tastes really good, I don't think it's very soda-bread like. Actually, I can't really remember what it tastes like. The Collar says it doesn't taste like soda bread either. If I add streusel, it would be a coffee cake. If I add molasses and ginger, it would be gingerbread.Tomorrow I'll have some with tea.


Anonymous said...

It all looks good -- oven, bread. How was the corned beef? Happy St. P. Day!


Kate said...

It's not even 5:00 yet. It still has a couple of hours. It smells good though. :)

Beth said...

Yay for new oven!

srbouchie said...

hey kate. could you email me the recipe for your bread? i could pass it along to my friend! thanks! glad you're enjoying your new oven!! :) anna b.