01 March 2009

Sick Day

I have a nasty cold, and Wiz has a sinus infection, so we stayed home today. Both of us pretty much hung out and watched tv. Well, I knitted some too.

This morning at 9:00 am I started out with this:
At 12:30 we had spider knuck!At 4:30 I had these:At 5:00 the Wiz had this:
Now Wiz has his own pair of Knucks. Game Boy wants another pair (which he'll get, because I really, really want to wash his pair that he wears nearly every day). The Collar wants a pair for cool days when he wants to go birding. They are incredibly fast, even when my head hurts from a nasty cold.

These were knit using Ornaghifilati Merino Kind yarn on size US 2.5 (3mm) needles. There's enough left for at least one more Knuck, so if (when) he loses one, I can knit him a third one. Both he and Game Boy went with me to Knitochet to pick out yarn for themselves and for the Collar. No embroidery for me--he wanted his name, but it's either too many letters or too few, depending on how you look at it.

And now I'm ready for bed.

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Anonymous said...

You have been busy!