10 February 2010


to a surgical date. (Wiz and I are trying to have fun with the whole situation. Like the button?)

Wiz and I went over the mountains and through our meager snow (Washington isn't going to be pretty this summer. Snow pack is where we get our water in the summer.) to Seattle for his pre-op visit. It went well--we cracked up his neurosurgeon several times. He especially likes the button. The neurosurgeon(s) want to consult with Wiz's hematologist, but we are scheduling surgery. He's been having some symptoms.
We always stop at the rest area past Yakima. We couldn't *quite* see Ranier, but we did have some good views. It was really warm on the trip over. I like the snowy mountains with the desert views. There's a sign on the highway between the Tri-Cities and Yakima that says it's a Washington Greenway. It has never been green when I've gone through. See the foreground? That is pretty much everything we see from Ellensburg to Walla Walla.

Seattle was pretty when we arrived (today it was chilly and wet just like the rest of the state) so I took a few pictures from our cousins' porch. They have a view of the Space Needle (Wiz is still obsessed) and the sunset was amazing yesterday.

Spring is definitely on its way. There were flowers blooming in Seattle (a few in our area too--but it's just crocuses here.)


BFM said...

We're glad things went well. We'll need to do some calculating when you know the date. Those flowers tear my heart out!

Kate said...

I'll keep you all informed about the date. I want to know too!