07 February 2010

Weekend Busy-ness

The Collar has a new hobby: he's knotting a prayer rope. He has been working on this for a few days. It's a pretty complicated knot. He wants to make 100 knots--currently he is at 57.

I've been knitting a few things. I finished one of the carry around and knit while waiting socks for the Collar. The colors spiral around the leg and foot. I've started a second sock, and it appears that it will be similar spirals.

I've started another pair of mittens. See?

I've also been sewing bags again. These ones are sort of lined and aren't drawstring at all, but I like the way they look. They'll work well as small project protectors.And finally, a gratuitous picture of the boys. Wiz had quarters, and spent them on mustaches out of a quarter machine. Game Boy seems to like his way too much.

All in all, it was a quiet but busy weekend. I made things, and did laundry, and we watched the Superbowl. Game Boy watched all of it except for the half time show (he wanted to know why the bad singers were on) and Wiz is thrilled because football is over until fall. He doesn't like to watch football.

This week will be busy. On Tuesday, Wiz and I head up to Seattle for his pre-op appointment. After that, I have a meeting in Spokane. The blog is kind of dull right now--I'm working and Wiz has had a lot of medical things going on. With all of the dull weather (grey is so not my color), we haven't had any real adventures. Maybe as spring shows up, we'll be out and about more.

And a correction: the fabric for the curtains is from India, not Ethiopia. The theme of the room will be places the Collar's family have been/lived, which is still not early American garage sale. Ha!


Pattie said...

Cool everything! I will be praying for Tuesday to go well!

BFM said...

What a hoot! I needed that. Love those socks.