31 January 2010

Quick and Easy

makes me feel as if I'm accomplishing things.

Our family room is really, really dull. The Baseball fanatics sent me some fabric that they brought back from Ethiopia. Some of it became curtains Saturday.
When we have a chance, we are going to frame the Ethiopian posters and hang them up down there. A room with a theme and it isn't early American garage sale.

Wiz picked out a cotton/wool blend yarn in pinks and purple and asked for a hat to wear after his surgery. It had to be a bit loose, not itchy, and cover the back of his head and upper neck where his incision site will be. I asked my friends over at Knittyboard for ideas and showed him the patterns. He picked this one.

It was an easy and fun knit. It worked very well with the yarn he chose (Sierra Quatro: a pima cotton/wool blend) and it was easy to down size for him. He is quite happy with it. I hope that it will do the trick!
Pattern: stella's hat by Melissa LaBarre
Yarn: Sierra Quatro in colorway 86
Needles: size 6 circular and dpns

Mods: Knit on smaller needles and shortened the body of the hat to fit a small boy. That's pretty much it!

It took me very little time. I started on Thursday and finished on Sunday.


Pattie said...

All very nice!

BFM said...

Looking very good! Both the windows and the boy.

LCinSunnySoCal.wordpress.com said...

Don't tell him I said so, but he is a BEAUTIFUL boy!! :)