24 January 2010


Here we are, the last week of Januray, and I have actually finished 2 items. (Actually, 4 because mittens come in pairs. )
The first are the lovely Annemor #4 from Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Traditon, by Terri Shea. You'll see a lot of these, because I've joined a knit-a-long for the patterns out of the book. So far, one pair down. 11 to go.

These were knit for Game Boy. Warm, toasty mittens, with dogs on them. The pattern had a flower on the end, but it was too long for him, so I dropped the flower. He really seems to like them. If he'll wear them, I can't say. We shall see.

The other finished object is Jasmine, for the sister who comes right after me in the birth order. I'd knit for my other sisters, so it was her turn. She chose the color. I used Bamboo and Ewe yarn from Jo-Ann's. It is pretty soft, and not bad to knit with at all. I hope that they fit her.
This picture is a better representative of the color and the mock cable cuff. The one below shows the entire set.

The next project is a hat for Wiz. He'll be having part of his head shaved and he'll have an interesting scar, so he wants a hat. On our last trip to Seattle, we went to Acorn Yarns. I'm not usually a retail therapy sort of person, but we wanted to get a little fresh air, and it's a couple of blocks from our cousins' house. Wiz picked out this yarn: Cascade Yarns Sierra Quatro. If there's enough left over, I'll be knitting him a pair of fingerless mitts.

I'm almost to the heel on the Collar's first sock. One more inch--I only knit them while waiting for other things (like listening to Wiz's reading, sitting in waiting rooms, etc.) so I'm doing pretty well on it. No pictures yet, but the color patterning is pretty amazing.


Anonymous said...

Game Boy's mittens are cool!

Batty said...

Both of those pairs are really nice! The dog mittens are extra cool. Who wouldn't like a warm pair of mittens with dogs on it?