18 January 2010

A Winter's Walk

Today is MLK, Jr. Day, and all of us were off work or school. It's not usual for us to have that opportunity, so we took advantage of it. The weather cooperated, too. It was somewhere in the 60's today, so we went off to the park with the dogs in tow. (It's still winter--see the snow on the mountain?)
There weren't as many birds around today, but we did spot this pair of ducks.

I'm always last, because I take pictures. Of course, it means I take pictures like this. Lulu is some where ahead of us but here are all the boys and Maisie.

The water sparkled today--the sun may not be out for long (but it's out longer EVERY day), but when we see it, it's spectacular. With few clouds, and the sun, the sky is that intense blue I remember from last spring. I've really missed that blue.
Even when the earth is fallow, you can see the beauty of this place. The fields are waiting for spring, and the mountains are still in their winter mode. Spring is coming, and after today, I can actually believe that.

Pictures courtesy of the new camera. I love it.

Other news:

We still haven't heard about Wiz's biopsy results. I expect that this week. I'm trying not to think about his upcoming surgery. I'm saving the Bearfoot yarn for while he's in the hospital. Maybe.

I'm halfway finished with a pair of mittens for Game Boy. I'll try to take pictures soon. I'm also working on socks for the Collar (which look really strange) and a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister (one is completed, one is halfway finished).

Oh, and I did knit some Christmas presents. I'll tell you which things were presents next time.


Batty said...

It was in the 60's and sunny? Definitely too good an opportunity to pass up.

Pattie said...

Great pictures