07 January 2010

Starting Off With a Bang

Wiz had several doctors' appointments in Seattle this week. We drove over Sunday, and met one of my knitty friends for lunch. Wiz wasn't feeling well, but it was nice to meet one of my virtual friends.
Monday was only one appointment. We saw the neurosurgeon, who will be doing Wiz's surgery. While we waited, he drew random dots on the whiteboard, and then drew a picture. This was serious to him.
This is the orca and her baby that we see every time we go to the hospital. Wiz loves this. He wants to count all of the faces in the two orcas.One thing he has always wanted to do is to go up into the Space Needle. We finally had time. It wasn't the best day to go up (rainy, foggy, and cold), but we went up anyway. It was really neat to see Seattle from up there. It's probably better on days that aren't cold, rainy and foggy, but we had fun.

The fog was actually a bit better after the sun went down, and we saw this when we were wandering around Seattle Center before we headed for dinner with a couple of my college friends.
We also saw this fountain in front of Key Arena. Wiz thought it was beautiful and amazing. The water was coordinated with music. He wants to go and watch it again.
Tuesday was all appointments, all day. He was exhausted after it was over.

The weather was clear and sunny on our way back. This is part of the Stuart Mountains that we saw from the rest area between Cle Elum and Ellensburg.
I've been trying to find something wonderful in all of these trips for medical appointments. This one was particularly good.

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Batty said...

I think you're doing a great job bringing wonder and good things to an activity that would otherwise be scary and painful and nothing else. That Orca and baby thing on the wall is awesome. And the Space Needle looks really neat when it's all lit up. I've never been to Seattle, but it looks like fun.