01 January 2010

A Good Beginning

We had warmer weather and sun today. We took full advantage of this fact, and went to Pioneer Park with the dogs. I took the new camera.

We always wander around the aviary. The birds were pretty busy today.
While the sun was out, the views were their usual stunning selves. Now I have a camera that can capture it better, too.

It was a lovely wander. By the time we made it back home, the clouds were back and the rain started.

Occupo lumen! Especially when you live pretty far north.


LC said...

What GREAT shots!! Even on my laptop, I feel like I could step into the landscape!

Batty said...

Is that a peacock in the snow? Now that's an interesting sight!

Pattie said...

Great pictures!

Kate said...

Thanks, everyone. I love my new camera.

Kate said...

Yes, that's a peacock in full mating plumage in the snow. The other two are appropriately dressed for the winter. But he was just stunning, so I had to take a picture of him.