14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

and Chinese New Year!

Valentine's isn't my favorite holiday most years, and this year it's even more so. I'm not feeling all that celebratory this year. Last week was really busy, Friday's the Wiz's birthday and we're still in waiting mode. The boys received chocolate from G&G, and all three of the males in my life gave me chocolate. I made them meatloaf. (See above picture--they thought it was funny.)

But I do love secret pal sorts of things, and Valentine's is a great excuse for one of those. My secret pal was sent gifts in those bags that I made last week (yarn, cocoa and candy, natch!), and yesterday I came home from my meeting in Spokane to a package from my spoiler, Sandykins.

She sent me two knitted gifts: an illusion heart washcloth made of the softest yarnsoap in a knitted cover that will felt as I use the soap (the soap smells really nice, too).Of course, it's a knitty swap, so there will always be unknitted yarn too. Sandykins sent me a stranded mitten kit from Sweden (the instructions are in 4 languages, none of them English. However, one is German, so I have a chance to translate it. ) in grey and white. I love knitting mittens and socks. Almost everyone needs them, and they are pretty fast. This pair will be beautiful when I am finished.

Thanks again, Sandykins! I haven't sampled the chocolate, but it is hidden from the horde. It made my weekend.

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