12 February 2010

Game Boy is Awesome

Yesterday afternoon, Game Boy's school called. We were invited to come to the Academic Awards assembly at 8:15 because Game Boy was receiving one of the three 7th grade awards (there are three per grade for Respect, Responsibility, and Doing the Right Thing). Of course we went. He earned the award for Doing the Right Thing, because he doesn't get into trouble, he's on time, does his work, and tries to include everyone. He's quite pleased, and we are really proud of him.

The Jazz Band also played. He got to play his solo again, but the highlight was playing Ozzie Osbourne's "Crazy Train". It was really funny to hear a middle school band playing that. They were pretty good, though. Once The Collar gets his video up, I'll try and embed it here.


Anonymous said...

We are proud, too! And proud of your whole family, you all contribute. -- bbf

bfm said...

Are we proud or what!!! In many ways!!!

Batty said...

He is awesome, you should be proud. And they got to play Crazy Train. How cool is that.