02 March 2006


This week, I've actually finished two projects (and a third may be finished by Sunday). I finished socks for me which are definitely fraternal twins. I couldn't have made them match because the pattern of the stripes was completely random.

The other project I finished was a purple lace scarf for someone else, who I think does not read the blog. I'm pretty sure that she doesn't know it's for her, even if she does. (No, she's not related to me, so don't hold your breath if you are.) It's knitted from bamboo yarn (yep, made of bamboo fibers) and it was really kind of interesting with which to knit. I used size 8 needles (which seem huge since I knit socks on either 1s or 2s usually). I like the way it came out.

No cycling for the last couple of days. I've had asthma attacks for some reason, so I thought that riding 3 miles and then having to stop out in the middle of nowhere wasn't exactly wise. Especially if I can't talk on the cell phone to get someone to come and get me. Hopefully all of this is just the weather changes (it was 76 yesterday and 68 today and there's a cold front coming later today) and I can get some real cycling in next week or so.

Time to go--the boys have choir in about 45 minutes, so I need to corral the smaller boy.

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