28 December 2008

Christmas Dinner

We did something different this year for Christmas dinner. The boys requested Chinese turkey (yes, from that movie) but I couldn't find any. We went with goose, because it plays a big role in lots of stories (okay, so they are all versions of A Christmas Carol but that's okay). I forgot to take a picture of it.

Patiently waiting for the goose.
Poor Game Boy is just wasting away. We never feed him. Our menu was simple: goose, red cabbage with apples, and mashed potatoes. Of course we had wine. I think it might be illegal to not have wine with festive occasions here (ha!).Dessert was also new. (No creme brulee this year. We'll have it sometime though, because it's a once a year treat.) Instead we had chocolate lava cakes. Oh, my goodness. It was also amazing. What is really funny is that my cousin who lives in California, made it too. It's a keeper.


WOS said...

What do you mean, "that movie." It's the greatest Christmas movie ever!!

Kate said...

Yes, that movie! It's the most important Christmas movie.

We love it around here. I kinda want the lamp, too.