05 December 2008

Making the Wiz's Day

The Wiz had a very good day. He earned 14/15 on his spelling test (and considering how many zeroes he's gotten, this is great news), he earned a new book from his reading, and he didn't get in trouble for talking or for getting out of his seat in school.

We're having pork chops and sauerkraut for dinner (which he LOVES) and then I made him these:
monkey pajama pants, for my monkey boy. He's so thrilled (even if he is watching tv in this picture). They are a bright yellow (top picture has the best color) and he just loves all of the cheerful monkeys.

PJ pants are really, really easy.


Dorothy from Kansas said...

Now all you need is a monkey shirt!

D. said...

EEE! a monkey knit hat!

Amanda said...

Monkey pants rock. I'm a fan of sock monkeys, myself.

He's a lucky boy to have those awesome monkey pants! :)