14 December 2008

More Snow

Total was about 7".

The boys have never seen so much at once. The Wiz thought it was great, until he got cold on the way home from church.Neither have the dogs. Maisie is sure she's going to catch a squirrel. Whenever she's outside right now, she spends all her time staring up in the trees.

The only problem is we have a tree that is going to have to come down. There's a car underneath that tree. (The 'burb isn't damaged.)

I just like this picture. The bright berries on the naked tree limbs with the snow just says something to me (besides, wow, we did get a lot of snow).


Anonymous said...

That is a truly beautiful picture! You should use it as your Christmas card.


Pattie said...

THAT is a lot of snow!!! WOW. Great pictures.

Kate said...

We're at about 9 to 10 inches now. It snowed most of the day. The boys are on a 2 hour delay in the morning tomorrow too.

I took some more pictures on the way home from school with the Wiz. I'll post later.

WOS said...

To me, the picture says, "Puzzle!"