27 December 2008

We Celebrated

The last time it was just us for Christmas was 2000. That Christmas was memorable for a few reasons. It was the year that The Collar broke his ankle (bad enough) and I was on bedrest during the pregnancy with the Wiz. Luckily, I'd been on bedrest for a while, so all our presents were bought on the internet that year.

The boys were able to stay in their pajamas all day. (They both got bottoms that had frogs on them this year.) The Collar told all the parents to let their kids come in their pajamas to church on the Christmas morning service, so they did!

We opened our stockings before church. The Wiz found a sock monkey in his stocking. The Collar found a key hole scarf.After church, we opened the other presents. The Wiz got a digital camera. He took a lot of pictures. I think that there are even pictures of me! Game Boy was REALLY excited. He got my old laptop. This means that he can play Spore, which the BBFs gave him. The Wiz is happy, because he can play on the desktop more, since Game Boy won't be hogging it all the time now. I'll post more later.

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