21 December 2008

Snow, snow, snow.

I know. I know. I KNOW. All I write about is the snow.

It's really the only game in town right now. It keeps starting again. My car is buried even deeper than this now!Game Boy is entertained. The Wiz is not. He doesn't have enough body fat to stay out longer than 10 minutes. Game Boy is building a huge fort near the front sidewalk.

I'll admit, sometimes it's pretty,
especially when the sun is shining. I think we'll have a white Christmas.


LilKnitter said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your snow! I love it, too, and I'm hoping that the rain called for here on Wednesday doesn't happen.

I miss building snowforts. :)

WOS said...

You are really getting slammed! At least it's coming in a few inches at a time. We had 30" in Feb. of 2003 all at once. It's fun for only a little while, then enough is enough!!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! We'll be having a wet "green" Christmas.