29 November 2008

Palouse Falls

Usually on the Friday after Thanksgiving, we go to the Cathedral Domain and spend the night. Since that's about 2300 miles away, we decided not to go this year. We'd thought about seeing Mt. Rainier, but that's a three hour drive and it gets dark early here (about 4:30 right now).

So we decided to go look at some geology. The landscape of eastern Washington is heavily influenced by the ice ages and ice dams breaking and reforming, flooding and so on. Of course, volcanic activity played a huge role too.

The little Palouse Falls (rapids!)Game BoyPalouse River and a View of the Canyon.
A walk along the path
The Palouse Falls (you can hear them from pretty much everywhere)

I'll be the first to admit that these aren't the best pictures, but it was a grey, grey day. We'll try and go in the summer when it doesn't rain. We are in the desert, after all.


WOS said...

Wow! It was just the 4 of us for Thanksgiving this year, also. It was a nice day.

WOS said...

Wow was for the pictures of the falls/canyon, etc.

Kate said...

Thanks! It is an impressive place. I've enjoying the landscape here quite a bit.

Someday I'll have a *better* camera, so maybe I'll be able to take better pictures.

Dorothy from Kansas said...

There is nothing wrong with your pictures-perhaps when the weather gets sunnier and the grass greener you'll have quite a contrast of pictures. That would be totally cool!