26 November 2008

I Make Stuff

and finish things too.

Yesterday, I made another mini sweater. This one is a bit different, because I wanted to make it like a sports jersey. (Remember those baseball t-shirts?) I adapted the pattern so that the sleeves would entirely be one color. Then I clumsily embroidered '08 for this year. The boys think that I need to make one with an R for our last name, and several '08 ones for our tree. The ones that I made with each of our initials on them apparently aren't enough. (Count for mini-sweaters is now 14! See them hanging all in a row?)I've also finally finished the Spey Valley socks. Here is a closeup of the cuff:and here is a picture of the finished pair. They are certainly bright and cheerful. I've never knit a pair of socks on size 0 needles before. I'm not certain if I'll do it again, because it really hurt my hands. (I've been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hands. Another left over from gymnastics.) The yarn was yarn my mom gave me. Someone gave it to her, but she doesn't knit socks.
Finally, this last picture is of the boys' project this morning. Extreme Brio trains--Game boy and Wiz style. It kept them busy for a few hours this morning. It was nice.

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Anonymous said...

I love both the sweaters and the socks! All you need is a Barbie nut.