28 November 2008

Quiet Thanksgiving

It was just the four of us, but sometimes a quiet holiday is what we need.We used the china, the crystal, and the Turkish table cloth.

Here is our feast:
We mixed it up this year. Game Boy requested cornish hens for dinner instead of turkey. The Collar smoked them. It was really good. We had the ubiquitious peas with pearl onions, roasted vegetables, and cranberry sauce, too.
The Wiz decided to "murder" his hen.
Later on, we had pie. There were three kinds, one of which was homemade, g/f apple pie. The crust was good, the apples were good, but it was kind of soupy. Here I am thankful for:
  • settling in well in our new home.
  • Game Boy is doing extremely well in school.
  • The Wiz is improving at school.
  • we are doing okay financially, even though we "own" two houses.
  • that The Collar and I are a good team.
I am sure there are more--but those are the most important.

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