19 November 2008

BMB Day 2008

It's kind of strange that I feel it necessary to write the year on these posts now. We've had 5 of them now, and I've been blogging for 3 years now, so it's not a big surprise.

We had to be at the hospital at 8:00 to have his IV placed. Once that was placed, they were able to draw his labs. It's quite nice to have the IV--it's much easier to draw the blood. I made a deal with him--if he did everything without fighting, he would get a bigger Ugly Doll. He did, so here he his with his ugly doll.
We met the new GI. He's pretty fast at his appointments. We only need to see him every 6 to 8 months. Wow! We aren't used to that.

The Wiz's bone marrow biopsy went well. He entertained everyone before he went out. He always does! I went and found us food and when I got back, he was in recovery. He had his bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Then the pain hit. Usually, he is fine after his biopsies, but this time he had pain. He couldn't sit up, or stand, or lay down. He tried to tell stories to the nurse and the hem, but he'd stop and cry. If you know the Wiz, nothing stops him from talking, so this was bad. He was given half an oxycodone (he's still pretty small) and he felt better so we were released to go home (and I was given the other half in case he needed it).

On the way out, he decided I should take a picture of the scultpture.And then with the pig bench.On the way home, he started feeling ill. I was able to pull over at the view point to let him rest a bit. I took a picture of the Stuart mountains. It's about 3:00 in this picture, which is apparently is late afternoon now.After that, we went on, and he put the yak in Yakima. :( He had some more problems, but we did make it home. He's feeling fine now, but he was pretty miserable all night. This morning he had one more bout, but now he's fine.

Tomorrow, he's going to school.


elisabeth said...

I talked to the Collar Tuesday night--he was worried about the yak in his car. ;-)

Poor kid (the Wiz, not Collar).

Amanda said...

He is one brave little boy!!

LilKnitter said...

What a little trooper. I'm glad that he's feeling better, but I'm sorry that he was so sore and sick. :(

WOS said...

I don't know if I can imagine how he felt. At least I was a teen when I had the biopsy. I just remember sleeping a long time after going back home afterwards. Hopefully everything comes back OK.

Kate said...

I think that it's more painful as your bones get harder. This was his first time having a problem. I truly hope it was a fluke.