10 July 2009

The Garden

It's been a very difficult week around here.

The good:
  • Game Boy took a class in computer animation. He wants to make a cartoon of his own. Game Boy and I played tennis together.
  • I was able to get in one bike ride this week (31.87 miles).
  • I made it to knitting the second week in a row.
The hard:
Game Boy and the Collar are going to camp next week, so we're working on getting all of that ready.
The week after that, we're leaving for Kansas City (6 days of driving during the round trip).
The Collar had two funerals this week.

I'm posting pictures from the garden.

Sage and cilantroRosemary and some greens
One of the roses
Another rose
The rosebush, which has even more roses on it now.

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Anonymous said...

Have a great time with the Wiz by yourselves this week! Invite yourselves to a pool and sit in it.