27 July 2009

In Which We Eat Lunch

at the geographical center of the continental United States.

No, really. We took US 36 (not the interstate) and I saw a sign that said the geographical center of the continental US was only 4 miles off of our route. It was lunch time anyway, so off we went.

I hoped there would be some place to eat our lunch there.
First, there's the monument:There is also a chapel, which was locked, and had all the windows broken out of it. It is a strange place for a chapel.
There is also a picnic shelter. We found that we had company for lunch.He came down and stood next to us once he found out we had crackers and watermelon. He was a really big rooster.
There was also an abandoned/closed hotel, just short distance away from the picnic shelter. If you've read Neil Gaiman's American Gods, you might recognize the setting from the book.
Personally, while his theory on why there isn't much tourism around the area is more fun, I think it's more likely because of this:
That would be everything around the monument. There are fields, a farmhouse, and a friendly rooster. Don't get me wrong, feeding the rooster was fun, but I don't think it's much basis for tourism.

After lunch, we were back on the road, Wiz and I were in our first thunderstorm/rainstorm in a LONG time (Game Boy and the Collar were in one at camp), and we watched a dust storm pick up while we drove into Denver.

And now, all four of us can say that not only have we been to the geographical center of the continental United States, we fed a rooster there.


elisabeth said...

It's a very bird-y summer. Pooped on by an eagle, feeding a random rooster at the center of the country. What next? A barrette stolen by a crow, perhaps.

Kate said...

It is a bird-y summer for us. To get a crow to steal a barrette from us, we'd need to borrow a girl from someone. :)

The eagle pooping on Wiz is still my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Dad is very depressed to have missed this cool bird.