03 July 2009

To the Temperate Rainforest

I know, I'm just posting pictures and captions. When the pictures are as good as they are, why do anything else?

On Wednesday, we visited Hoh Rainforest. (We also visited the beach, but that's another post.)
It was surreal--not only because of the landscape--but because Game Boy kept requesting his picture taken. Weird, I know. We wound up breaking into groups. The Collar and The Wiz, the BBFs, and GB and I. It was good to have a chance to listen to GB. When his brother is around, I don't really get to have a conversation with him. Wiz is not exactly patient or quiet. Both boys had theories on Bigfoot and tree octopi. It was quite entertaining, and hysterically funny.The Hoh River (which apparently has a different channel each year due to melt) toward Storm King Mountain (I think, but don't take my word for it).

A tunnel between the fallen trees.It's a rainforest, so here are rain drops on a fern.This tree looks like it could swallow them whole. (Game Boy was having a blast, Wiz did NOT like all the rain.)

The roots of a tree that are above the ground now because the nurse tree is mostly gone. With the 5 foot GB for a bit of perspective.
The dark shape behind the boys is a fallen tree.
Sky and huge trees.
Big, big tree trunk. It's diameter is about the same as Wiz's height. (He's a bit small, but still...)
Supposedly the biggest tree in the forest, with The Collar showing exactly how big it is. (I say supposedly because as a scientist, I'm pretty certain that they have not measured every tree there. Even if they did, they'd have to measure every month or so to see if one grew more. Yes, I'm pedantic.)

Tomorrow, the beach!

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