07 July 2009

Time for a change

I still haven't blogged about going to the beach (pictures are very grey) or going to the TriCities Dustdevils game. I haven't blogged about what I'm knitting lately, either. So I'll do that.

First, I finished my afghan square. I made a mistake on it (well, two--I misread two charts) by missing a cable crossing. Two of the knitters at knitting group said that I could fix it. I finally tackled it on Sunday. I crossed my fingers, hid in my bedroom, turned on NatGeo to learn about national parks, and dropped the four stitches down. Then I painstakingly crossed the cable, did all the rest of the stitches, crossed the second cable in the column, and finished the square. It is done, I am pleased, and it doesn't look too bad.Last week, I started another pair of mittens. This pair is NHM#5. I knitted them for the Wiz, on size 2.5 needles. Yarn is Heirloom Baby Wool 4 ply. It's machine washable, which is good for something that I make Wiz.

Here is the palm of the white mitten. I'm getting better at figuring out the tumb join.Both mittens, one palm up.
Wiz, showing off the new mittens. (He's wearing his clone trooper helmet. I don't know why.)
I have also started two pairs of socks. One pair is just a plain stockinette sock that I've finished the leg on one and am 2/3 of the way finished with the other leg. There's also a pair of socks that I'm knitting for me that has a nice yellow color in it for while I'm watching TdF. I'll show them later, when they are more than a cuff. Oh, and there's secret knitting, but that's boring for you.

I'm riding a little bit, but not as much. The boys are home, but soon Game Boy will be able to keep an eye on his brother so I can ride. July is just not a good time for cycling this year. I did get to go yesterday (almost 32 miles, go me), and I might go tonight. It does keep me sane.

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