29 August 2009

And in other news

The basics for this week:
  • Game Boy sprained his ankle (Sunday morning was spent in the ER).
  • The boys started school on Tuesday.
  • The first day of school included both boys' schools being on lock down, and requiring parental signature to get out. (There was a standoff down the street from our house!)
  • I rode my bicycle 114 miles this week.
  • I'm over 1000 miles for the summer.
  • I haven't had much time to knit. Even at knitting this week, I sewed a project together.
  • We went to Whitman Mission today, but that will get its own post, with pictures.
  • We finally picked three tomatoes. They aren't doing well this year. :(
And that's the news this week.

1 comment:

WOS said...

A standoff in Walla, Walla! Wow. Last year was a bad year for tomatoes here. This year has been much better, only late. My plants are falling over from the weight. Not a good year for corn, cukes or broccoli, though. I'm going to look up the Mission-never heard of it.