16 August 2009

Summer Swapping

happens so fast!

Every time I do one of these, I think I have the best upstream ever. (All of them have been fabulous!) Summer Trails has been amazing.A very full box!

We're supposed to be tourists for our downstream pals. You can probably guess the themes that I sent. (Wine, onions, and outdoor activities--all of which you can walk to from our house.)

My spoiler is from Iowa. She sent me things that are representative of her community. She definitely put a lot of thought into this.

She knit me fingerless mitts in a yarn made locally. They have a cable up the sides. I don't know if she designed the pattern or not, but they fit me, and I'll wear them a lot this winter when I'm working. (Why does typing make my fingers cold?)

Then there are the stitch markers. The blue ones are to represent Delft pottery and the others are tulips, which are representative of her town.And then there's this yarn, which matches one of the colors in my new dress. Maybe there's enough for a shrug! (It's Therapi in a coral color.)

And a gluten free cookie, which I'm saving for after the birthday cake is finished. Yum. A cookie I didn't have to make.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the mitts fit you! And yep, I did design them. The idea for the side cables just popped into my head as I was swatching. (I wasn't so sure about the pooling colors, but hey, that happens with hand-dyed yarn...) Oh BTW, I realized after I taped the box all up that forgot to mention the fiber content! They are 50% merino, 50% Tencel.

I love that the yarn matches your dress! I saw that yarn at an LYS and the color just jumped out at me, since you mentioned liking colors in the orange family. It seemed so bright and cheerful. I bet there'd be enough for a shrug, especially if you did a lacy pattern.

(I might be going crazy, but I thought I had included a second edible in your package. Um... If I didn't, you'll have another tasty treat in the next one! lol)


Kate said...

Oops, you did. It was a Neapolitan marshmallow, which I ate, since I didn't get any of the party cake (it was a regular one). It was quite tasty. Sorry about that!

Batty said...

That's a great package! No more cold fingers typing. And the gluten-free cookie you don't have to make yourself... that's such a huge deal. Just being able to enjoy baked goods without having to bake. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Anonymous said...

Ah, just glad the marshmallow did indeed make it into the package, otherwise I was going to have to start searching the house for it! I wouldn't have put it past some of my family members to have helped themselves. lol


WOS said...

Wearing fingerless mitts while typing sounds like a great idea! My hands get cold too.