03 August 2009

Long Car Trips

means I knit a lot.

First there were these:A pair of plain man-sized socks. Knit Picks Felici, colorway Meridian, although I think of it as earth and sky.
Then there are these:
"Darlarna" from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. The yarn is Wollemeise in Red Hot Chili. I chose the yarn because they have quite a bit of yellow, and I knit them while watching Le Tour de France. I finished them on the last day of the race, too!Finally on the trip back west, I started another pair of socks. These are "Denmark" also from Knitting on the Road. These are knit in Colinette Jitterbug Fire (I think). I finished the whole pair on Thursday in Oregon, before we hit Pendleton. Cool, huh?
I now have two more cheerful pairs of socks to wear this winter. :)

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bindi said...


Wow, I'm blown away. Three pair already. Love the color of the Wollemeise set and the pattern on the hot pink ones.