22 August 2009

What's New

This picture has nothing to do with this post. It's just a funny picture of Wiz. He's wearing the batter's helmet backwards, because it looks like a knight's helmet.

As you may know, Wiz suffers from migraines. We finally made it to see the neurologist. The most likely diagnosis is classical migraines, so we are supposed to keep doing what we are doing. We'll probably add a couple of supplements (the neuro wants me to run them by the hem first though) and keep track of his migraines. If they are worse, we'll pull out some of the big guns.

The neurologist is a thorough guy, and doesn't appear to like to drive, so he is letting us get the MRI (why the diagnosis is still most likely and not set) down here if the hospital can do one with sedation. He's happy with phone consults, so he also decided to have a baseline EKG run, so if we need to have the big guns, he'll know which ones to avoid. This is where things have gotten interesting.

Yesterday, we got the results from the EKG back. There is some sort of abnormality (don't know what) so we now will be heading to the cardiologist for a consult and probably more testing. It's unlikely to be anything too bad, since this kid one of the more poked and prodded of the 8 year olds, but it does need to be checked out.

It's going to be an interesting fall.


Batty said...

Hugs and good thoughts to all of you.

Kate said...

Thanks--it was one of those days when you think one thing is going to happen, but then something completely different does. He won't mind this doctor--no blood draws!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate it when you think you are dealing with one thing medically and another thing pops up on the radar? I have been through this so many times with my daughter. We have dealt with the whole mystery headache thing here too and never found an answer. Hopefully you will at least find something to help deal with them when they happen.


WOS said...

Good luck with the Wiz. Migraines at his young age? Poor guy. Julia had an EKG a few years ago, too. She has a sinus arrhythmia and will hopefully outgrow it. It hasn't kept her from doing anything. Hopefully it will be nothing much for the Wiz, too.