15 August 2009

Game Boy is 12!

His boring birthday cake, with 13 candles (one to grow on)
An ipod, with green earphones, so he can listen to Weird Al all he wants (oh, and Miles Davis, too)

A very cool frisbee from his little brother
and every 12 year old boy's wish: a personal mountain of ramen.

On this day, (not so much of a surprise, as I'd been in preterm labor for a week. He was however, supposed to be a mid September baby) Game Boy was born. He was in the ob's words, a remarkably polite baby: he was born at 4:11 pm on a Friday afternoon, during office hours, and made no one stay late.

He didn't sleep much (ever!) and is just now learning the joy of sleeping until 8:00 in the morning. He's always been an active kid, and he still is. He loves cycling (cyclocross starts soon!), playing his trumpet, hiking, walking the dog, and finally has begun to love to read.

As he put it today, he's finally old enough to start 6th grade! (Last spring, he was one of the students who gave the incoming 6th graders tours of the school. Half the kids were older than him.) Happy Birthday, my dear Game Boy.

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Beth said...

Happy b-day from cousin Beth. Game Boy is really growing up! Best wishes for a great year ahead.