28 August 2010


because, frankly, the Rockies are full of them. They are absolutely, positively beautiful, too.  (See last year's Rocky Mountain National Park for the 2009 pictures.
St. John Lake

Avalanche Lake, from the foot

Avalanche Lake, from the head

Hidden Lake, from the overlook (and Bearhat Mountain)

Another view of Hidden Lake from the overlook

Hidden Lake, from the descent

Hidden Lake from the descent, again.

The sparkling waters of Hidden Lake, from the shore

Bearhat and Hidden Lake, from the shore

The other mountains (can't remember the name)

Wiz, contemplating Hidden Lake.

One of the things we seem to do is we choose hikes that go see water.  This is true even here where water is not a common thing.  We had a wonderful time.
Lake McDonald, where we canoed and swam.  

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