12 August 2010

A Little Adventure

We live in an area that is absolutely stunning.   (If you don't like sage brush, you may not like it here.  Luckily, we do like the desert.)

We haven't been geocaching for awhile, so we went for the first time in a long time.  First we went to Sandpoint.  While we were waiting to get a fix, the boys sat on boulders.

 This is looking back toward Washington (we were in Oregon).  The geology that defines southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon is obviously on display here.
Then we drove back to Washington, and stopped to look for one here.  It's another place that I'm glad I went, but I don't think I can do it again.  I am afraid of heights, and climbing up the trail was hard enough for me.   
Two of the sisters.  I wonder if the one that was turned into a cave is lonelier than these two.

A view from the top of the trail.

Another view.

 It was good to get out and explore.  We've driven by the sisters a few times, but never stopped.  They are huge!  I'm glad that we went.  Next time, we may go to Hat Rock.  There's so much to see here.

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