22 August 2010


Last week, Game Boy hit an important milestone.  He turned 13.  It's hard to believe that once upon a time, he was a tiny baby who decided to come into the world four weeks early.  A baby who did not believe in sleeping longer than one and a half hours at a time.
One who hated wearing hats and learned to remove them with haste.

One who learned to talk early, and now uses those mighty lungs to play trumpet.
Eventually, he started walking at eleven months.  Now he's a tennis player and runner.  

 He's come a long way since he was that tiny, not-quite-ready baby from 1997.  Happy Birthday, Game Boy.  It's hard to believe that you are already 13.  You aren't a little boy any more, and we're starting to see the glimmers of the man you'll become.

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LC said...

Excellent....what a great kid!