23 August 2010

Wild Animals

Last week, we were camping in Glacier National Park.  None of us have ever been there (in fact, the males in this household had never been to Montana at all), so it was a new experience for all of us.  It was a great place to see wildlife.  Some of the wildlife was less wild than others.  There were mountain goats close to (if not on) the trails.  I'll have to make two posts of just wildlife pictures.
 Mom and babies in the meadow above Logan Pass Information Center.
 Different mom and  baby at the overlook.
 Mom leading the baby out.  The babies were funny.  If mom was too far away, they bleated continuously.  You knew they were definitely goats!
This baby was beginning to grow its horns.  Some of the babies were farther along than this.
 Then there were the chipmunks.  They were supposed to be wild.  When we went to Avalanche Lake, we had an uninvited guest to our snack time.  This chipmunk probably was only a few feet away from us.  He'd come very close to us, and scurry around trying to steal crackers.

 This chipmunk was even bolder.  He went under our legs while we were sitting on the shore of Hidden Lake.  He investigated the inside of my bag, then went over, put both paws on Game Boy's leg, and begged.  I'm guessing that people are feeding the chipmunks.
When he realized that we weren't sharing, he ambled over to a log and put his back to us.  Guess he showed us!

Tomorrow I'll talk about the other animals at the park.

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