24 August 2010

We also saw

while walking through the woods, a deer, who found the trail the easiest way to get where it was going.

There were a lot of marmots.  This one apparently was utterly exhausted, and found a nice warm boulder a good place to snooze.

This one posed.  Apparently the camera loves him, and he knew it.
We also saw, for the first time ever, big horn sheep.  They were not as close to us, but we did get pretty decent views.  The mountain goats were pretty fearless, but the sheep were more wary.  

 We did not see bears (which we never do--even when they are supposedly around where we are) but we did see long-tailed weasels, which are harder to find.  The weasels were juveniles, and were having fun playing near where we were.  The ground squirrels were not as amused as we were.

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MMW said...

Great pictures! Awesome views. Jealous!