19 September 2007

Getting off of my rear

It's the only way I can maintain my weight (or lose it). Every time I've gained weight it has been due to inactivity. Mostly because some health issue or other has completely messed up all activity for me. This year was particularly bad because I had sinus surgery in January, finally became healed up enough to exercise again, then promptly did the thumb trifecta (broken, torn ligament, bone bruise--you know, three winners!). Between healing from surgery, casts and the like, I haven't been able to exercise as much as I like (and having two boys, one of whom is too young to stay home alone, yet is too old to stay at child care at the Y makes going to the gym hard during the summer).

Last Week (September 10-15)
Monday: Walked about 2 miles
Tuesday: 5 miles or so on elliptical trainer (1 hour)
Wednesday: 5.30 miles early, 8.77 miles later (so 14.07 miles) about 60 minutes total on Dew
Thursday: 20.24 miles (16.4 mph! Go me!) taking 74 minutes on Dolce
Friday: walked 2.7 miles, soccer practice later
Saturday: coached a soccer game

This week so far (September 17-19)
Monday: 5.32 miles early, 9.66 miles later, 14.98 miles total, about 60 minutes or so and coached soccer practice
Tuesday: knees hurt, rested
Wednesday: 5.31 miles early, 10.15 miles later, 15.46 miles total, about 65 minutes

Hopefully, I'll be able to do some more miles on Thursday and Friday. I love cycling, and the weather and my body are both cooperating right now. Maybe it'll stay that way for awhile.

Happy Birthday to my youngest sister, Maggie! Today's the day! I remember when she was born. It happened while I was at kindergarten. No one else was born while I was at school!


Maggie said...

Thank you! Except I was born at 10 at night. ;)

Dorothy from Kansas said...

So, Kate was an overachiever-she was at school! :)

Kate said...

Sorry, I should have written *in* school, not *at* school. All I remember (I was only 5) was that my mom went to the hospital while I was at school.