27 September 2007

SDA Silent Auction

I made a goal to knit a baby hat and thumbless mitten set for a girl and a boy to send to the SDA Silent Auction. (There's also family bingo, but that has nothing to do with me.)

They are both done, with over a month to spare. (Well, really it's about 8 weeks away, but who's counting?)

Both are knit from superwash sock yarn, so are machine washable and dryable (perfect for those babies, eh?).

You've seen this one before:
My favorite detail are the little corkscrews at the top, although the picot edge is precious too.

Here's the "boy" version: A plain little hat, with a bobble on top. The mittens are similar to the ones for a girl, although they might be a little bit smaller. However, both hat and mittens are pretty stretchy, so they should fit a baby for awhile. (I actually tried the hat on the Wiz--it will go on his head, although it is a bit on the small side.)

I still have to decide if this will be going too:I really love this blanket. I wish it was big enough for me. I wonder how much yarn it would take to knit one that was big enough for me?

What are your opinions on the pinwheel blanket? Please leave a comment so I can decide!

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