14 September 2007

One of those days

(or weeks.)

I've had one of those weeks that seems to turn into good news/bad news.

It started with the sweater. Yes, it does not fit the Collar. However, it will fit me quite nicely even over heavier clothes. It will be well loved and comfortable. So that was bad, but turned out to be good.

We have had rain twice this week. That's good. The bad part is that it happened on M/F, not T/R when I drive in anyway, so I had to drive and walk in about a mile. (For those who don't know: I refuse to give UK $244 of my salary for the privilege of having permission to park on campus. If I'm lucky.) Oh well.

Today was payday for me, after a long dry spell (try since mid May). It was less than I expected. They changed our pay schedule so that now we are being paid 8 times during the semester instead of 7. It's good that we will have my paycheck all the way through December, but it was kind of a shock to have $200 less.

Today, the Collar and I met for lunch. (Yeah! No sitter.) All good. Then we went to Sam's to buy groceries, laundry detergent, etc. Also good. Then we went to our respective cars. The Collar's didn't start. I hadn't left. We tried to jump his Montero from mine. No go. This is bad.
However, Sam's happens to sell batteries, too. So he was able to buy a new battery. This is good.

I keep trying to remember all of this. Big sigh. Big, deep breath.

Oh--I'm almost finished with something, but can't show it to you. It's good that I'm finishing a gift, but bad because I can't show it to you. You'll get to see it after Christmas! :)


Mimi said...

Wow-that dead battery thing must be going around. We replaced David's a few weeks ago after it wouldn't start in the garage and yesterday when I was leaving work, the van had enough juice left in it to start. I drove straight to our mechanic and got a new battery, too!

LilKnitter said...

Oh, car woes are no fun at all! I hear you on that. Ours needed - desperately! - new brakes and tires (it was dangerous to drive) the week DH lost his job, and days before I left for Russia. Yowzah. I'm glad it was an easy fix for you; batteries aren't particularly cheap, but certainly cheaper than a whole new car!

Best wishes on The Collar's next sweater. I'm sure it will be even better!