24 September 2007

New Things

Supposedly, it is a new season. Autumn, to be exact! However, if you look outside here, you'd never guess. It is currently 95 F, and we're shooting for a record! I think that this is better than cold, but...

Because it's a new season (HA!) I have started and/or made some changes around here. First up: office space for me. I'm teaching 6 hours on line this semester and 9 next semester, so I needed some place to call my own. Right now it is this:I'll be adding a corkboard and bookshelves and an actual office chair eventually. It's nice to have a space of my own. It's a corner of the guest room, but it still works for that, too. I'm going to add a curtain and buy new bedding, so that it can be my space. It might be the one place that's always relatively neat, too, so I'll have a refuge from everyone else's mess!

I haven't been able to buy yarn for the Collar's next sweater (it will be knitted from SUPERWASH!), so I'm working on two other things, instead. One is another hoodie. This one's for the Wiz.I've already completed the back, and I'm a good chunk of the way to the armhole on the front. I am using stash yarn, so I might not have enough for the sleeves. I'm thinking of a contrasting yarn color for the sleeves. I'll have to decide later. (It's boring stockinette, but he's a small kid. This is a combination of size 4 and 6 measurements. The kid is still skinny.)

I have also cast on for a shawl. I'm cold at church. The pattern is from Magknits. The pattern is Blossom. I am knitting mine in Fleece Artist Mermaid.
This is about 4 of 14 pattern repeats. I really like the colors, even if it is mostly blue! I chose the yarn because of the name. I always wanted to be a mermaid.

Last new thing for today (tomorrow I'm going to post about my SP's package!) is this absolutely soft and fuzzy alpaca yarn. It's a natural color (I believe the alpaca is named Prospector) and I'm going to make boot socks for me. The BB fanatics gave it to me. There's an alpaca farm near Augusta. (The Kentucky one, that is on the river. Not the Georgia one.)

Maybe some day it will be cool enough to wear boots...and warm socks.

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