25 September 2007


I did say yesterday I was going to talk about the box my SP#9 sent me. I try to keep my promises.

This picture shows most of what I received from inkydinkydoo. There's a box of white tea (which will be great to drink as I begin grading 60+ papers in just a couple of weeks), wool soak for my knitting, a Knitty Meet Up sticker from Philly (I am not sure how many of us would show up if we tried to do one in KY), and some chocolate (which is residing in our refrigerator, as yesterday we topped 93 degrees). Warning: the best light we have is in front of our bay window. The dogs like to stand or lie on the windowsill and look out. Apparently, part of looking out of the window is slobbering on it. We wash the windows, but we don't do it constantly. Hence, we have messy window panes on the bottom half.

She sent some of it in this fabulous box:Isn't it great? I really love the takeout box. (Yes, I'm weird. I save all of our gift bags and reuse them every year too. Maybe this year I'll make cloth ones and finally stop using wrapping paper or paper bags at all.)

One of the things inside the box were two dpn protectors, that look like this:To make certain that they work, I need to cast on a pair of socks, right?!?

And finally, she made me this:Someday, someone will receive this card for some special occasion. For right now, though, I am going to look at it and admire it. Isn't she talented?

Thank you, SP. I do know who you are, and I really have enjoyed being spoiled by you. Thanks!

In other news:

The Wiz's midterm report was *very* good. He's testing on 96% for reading, has two perfect spelling tests, and is doing well in math. The Collar and I have been doing homework (pulling teeth) with him and are actually stunned. Maybe he's saving his wiggles for home now? This is a huge improvement for him. :)

Game Boy is also doing well at school. He has one B and everything else is an A. He says he wants to bring up the B, but we are not pressuring him. Yesterday, he brought home a fat envelope that informed us that he was being invited to sing in the CKMEA honor's choir on November 2. He's really excited. It's going to be a very musical weekend for him, because he's also singing Mozart's Requiem up at Good Shepherd that Sunday. Whew! It's amazing how far music is taking him. Next summer, he's probably going to New York City and the following summer the choir is going to England. Remind me when I whine about driving up for rehearsals that he is getting to go places and do amazing things, and it will all be good for him.


LilKnitter said...

Ooh, Mozart's Requiem is one of my favourites!! Not full of great solos, true, so I'm not learning it to have in my solo rep, but the choral work is absolutely some of the best ever. Good for him!

It sounds like the boys are having a very good year; I'm thrilled for all of you!

Kate said...

What's really great about Mozart's Requiem, is that it is easy to help people who don't know music well to place. It is beautiful music, but explaining the pieces to nonmusical people can be such a pain.

All I have to say is it is the piece from Amadeus that he is writing while he is dying. Everyone knows it then!