28 October 2008

10 Things

I've been really busy lately. We thought that once we finished with the Installation (or the screwing in as our previous Bishop referred to it), things would calm down. That didn't happen.

So here are 10 things that are going on/we are doing/random thoughts.

1. The Wiz went to the allergist, who thinks his chronic hives are autoimmune.
2. We found a Wii after only looking for one for 2 years or so. (We got the Wii Fit software too. It's all still cheaper than the gym membership.) So our real Christmas present finally got here.
3. I'm teaching 9 credit hours now. 6 hours are short term classes. EEK.
4. My 3 sections of class next semester (108 slots) filled within 48 hours of enrollment opening. I have a job next semester, for certain.
5. Facebook can be a huge time-suck.
6. The child who supposedly can't read has read three books in the last two weeks. Chapter books, no less.
7. The child who hates language arts (different from #6) is making an A+ in both reading and language arts class.
8. The Collar wants a vacation. We didn't get one this year. (See Great Trek West.)
9. I still haven't worn a the hat I made for myself. Why did I even knit it? I KNOW I hate hats.
10. One more week, and the campaign calls will stop.

Tomorrow, The Wiz and I head for Seattle to see the new hematologist. We're staying in a hotel (he LOVES hotels) and we're driving over the mountains. I saw snow in the webcams in the pass. Snow in October?


elisabeth said...

We have snow in NY right now. Not where we are, but not too far away. New Jersey had some, too. So it's not only mountains. Wishing you a safe trip!

Elizabeth said...

Facebook! Yes--a huge timesuck. But friend me anyway!

Kate said...

Sure, but which Elizabeth are you that I know? (This sounds silly, but I know a lot of Elizabeths.)

elisabeth said...

Two out of three commenters on Kate's blog are Eli[s/z]abeths. ;-)

It's not your sister-in-law. I don't have enough friends for Facebook.