08 October 2008

Random Things

The Collar's parents are here, so a short post full of random stuff.

1. We went to the farmer's market on Saturday, so the BBFs could see it. Here's proof:Honey crisp apples, tomatoes, acorn squash, and plums. Yum.

2. Saturday night, we had a dinner party with The Collar's assistant, a rector emeritus, and our former bishop (and of course, the BBFs). We had indian food and a crostata. Want the recipe?

3. Sunday was The Collar's installation. It was a good service, the reception was very well done, and we felt loved.

4. Monday we crashed.

5. Tuesday The Collar and I went to the symphony. (Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven) Walla Walla has the oldest symphony this side of the Mississippi. We had a very good time, and saw about half of the parish.

6. Today was a bit of shopping. Game Boy has now learned to make beef vegetable soup.

Tomorrow is busy, Friday might be, and Saturday will be. We're tired.

1 comment:

WOS said...

I want the recipe. Looks good. Hope you are having a good visit with BBFs.