18 October 2008

The Schedule

In the next few weeks, we have a crazy schedule of medical/dental appointments. Most of them are for the Wiz. I'm a bit nervous, because I've never driven to Seattle before, but it'll be okay. I was REALLY scared when we went to CCHMC the first time, so this is better. I kind of know what to expect at least this time.

On Friday, the Wiz goes to the allergist. A new allergist, so we'll have more allergy testing. I'm hoping that this time he has clear cut reactions, rather than last time, where he had over a dozen maybes. He's had a lot of "mystery" hives, so allergies would be good rather than needing to go on to finding out whether or not they are autoimmune. (Yes, of course. His immune system doesn't fight off infections, so why not attack his own body.)

The following Thursday, we visit our new hematologist/oncologist in Seattle at Seattle Children's Hospital. We'll have to go up the afternoon before, and we'll be spending the night at a motel. We'll be going up again for his annual bone marrow biopsy, but that has not been scheduled yet. I'm hoping we can get his IG started again.

The second week in November, both boys have dental appointments. Yay. The Wiz will be having his tooth fixed and Game Boy will be going for a cleaning.

The week after that, The Wiz sees his new gastroenterologist. He's been having a bit of a problem with his weight so maybe his enzyme dose needs to be increased.

Oh, and he's been having a LOT of headaches. He seems to be having them at least weekly. I'm thrilled. He's uncomfortable. I'm guessing we're going to have to see a neurologist.

The Collar and I are both going in for checkups with our new doctor too. But that's not a big deal.

So that's the medical stuff going on. Next time, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming of house, adventures, food, and knitting. :)

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